Californian Heartbreak Playlist
Por: Jonathan Villicaña


1.- Dance Hall Crashers – Won’t Be The Same

The bright clean air makes me wanna hide ‘Cause now, oh now, this is how it ends Based on promises that we’ll still be friends

2.-Green day – nice guys finish last

I’m so fucking happy I could cry Every joke can have its truth but now the joke’s on you

3.-NOFX-Leave It Alone

Roll over and shake and beg for the bone. Leave it alone

4.-The offspring-she got issues

She says she’s the victim But she takes it all out on me I don’t know why you’re messed up I don’t know why your whole life is a chore Just do me a favour And check your baggage at the door.

5.-Rancid-ruby soho

her lover’s in the distance as she wipes a tear from her eye ruby’s fading out, she disappears, it’s time, time to say goodbye

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